AUDIO INVENTORY - Audio Engineering
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AUDIO – Speakers, Amplifiers, Processors

18 x Meyersound M3D Line-array

8 x Meyersound M3D Line-array Sub-bass cabinets

18 x Meyersound M’elodie Line-array

2 x Meyersound Galileo 616 Processors

12 x JBL VRX928 line-array

6 x JBL VRX915 sub-bass cabinets

10 x JBL VRX932 line-array

6 x JBL VRX932 LAP powered line-array

4 x JBL VRX918S powered sub-bass cabinets

8 x NEXO PS15R2

12 x Apogee AE-9 Three-way Point Source with processor

8 x Apogee AE-12s2 Dual 18″ Sub-bass cabinets with processor

4 x Apogee 10″ Stage Monitors with processor

4 x Apogee 12″ Stage Monitors with processor

16 x B&C Single 18″ Sub-bass cabinets

6 x Genelec 8020 Studio Monitors

2 x Genelec 8030 Studio Monitors

12 x Quest Q200i Powered Speakers

2 x Turbosound iP2000 Powered Speaker stack complete

4 x JBL Eon 10″ Powered Speakers

8 x Apogee D800 Amplfiers

2 x NEXO NXAMP4x1 Amplifiers

6 x Crown ITech 5000 HD Amplifiers

1 x Powersoft Q4004 Power Amplifiers

AUDIO – Playback, Mixers, Outboard

1 x Pioneer CDJ200

2 x Pioneer CDJ900NXS

1 x Tascam CD01U Cd player

1 x Pioneer DJM800

1 x Pioneer DJM900NXS

1 x Roland Octa-Capture

1 x ZOOM H6 Handy-recorder

2 x DIGICO SD8 Core2 120ch Digital mixers (One with WAVES card installed)

2 x DIGICO Digirack 48:24 MADI Stage-racks (Analog and AES)

1 x DIGICO SD11i Core2 80ch Digital mixer with WAVES card)

1 x DIGICO Little Red Box

1 x WAVES Server ONE with Gigabit Switch

1 x RME Madi-Face digital audio interface

1 x DOTEC Madi Output interface 32ch

3 x Soundcraft MFX8 mixers

1 x Soundcraft Spirit E12 mixer

1 x Soundcraft Spirit 32ch Monitor console

1 x Yamaha O3D digital mixer

1 x Yamaha LS9 32ch digital mixer with MADI card

1 x Klark Teknik 48ch 3-way Active Splitter rack

1 x Passive 48ch 2-2ay Splitter rack

AUDIO – Microphones and Wireless systems

4 x Shure Stereo PSM900 in-ear systems

8 x Shure UR4 Wireless microphone systems with Beltpacks and Handhelds

8 x Shure ULX-D Wireless microphone systems with Beltpacks and Handhelds

2 x Shure Antennae Distribution systems with Directional Antennae

4 x Audio Technica Wireless microphone systems with Handhelds

2 x AKG C1000

3 x AKG D5

2 x AKG C414 Large Diaphragm

2 x Audio Technica ATM-4033

4 x Audio Technica ATM450

4 x Audio Technica ATM350

1 x Audio Technica AT8471 Dual Diaphragm Kick drum microphone

3 x Audio Technica ATM-23

6 x Audix M1255B Mini Condensors

4 x Audix D2

2 x Audix D4

2 x Audix D6

2 x Audix i5

2 x SE Electronics SE-4

3 x Bartlett Audio Stage Floor microphones

4 x ARX Audibox USB Direct injection boxes

16 x BSS 133 Direct injection boxes

16 x Radial Pro48 Direct injection boxes

4 x Radial JDI Passive Direct injection boxes

1 x Radial JDV Class A Direct injection box

2 x Radial DM-1 Mic Foot Switch

1 x Radial BT-PRO Bluetooth DI

1 x RED Box DI 5

5 x Countryman E6 (Tan)

10 x DPA 4099 Clip-on microphones (High Sensitivity)

2 x DPA 4099 Clip-on microphones (Piano)

1 x Earthworks M30 Measurement microphone

8 x Rode HS1-P Headset (4 x Tan, 4 x Black)

6 x Rode PinMic

3 x Sennheiser e614 Pencil condensor

5 x Sennheiser e904

1 x Sennheiser e906

4 x Sennheiser e609

1 x Beyerdynamic M201TG Snare Mic

1 x EV RE20

18 x Sennheiser MKE-2 Lavalier (8 x Tan, 10 x Black)

16 x Shure Beta181

2 x Shure Beta52

5 x Shure Beta56

2 x Shure Beta57

6 x Shure Beta58

2 x Shure Beta91

6 x Shure Beta98AMP

2 x Shure KSM32

1 x Shure KSM9

10 x Shure WL185 Lavalier

3 x Shure Lectern Gooseneck microphones

2 x Shure PG56

6 x Shure SM57

4 x Shure SM58

1 x Shure SM86

2 x Shure WH20QTR Headset (Black)